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UNIPRO 40 - The Standard

The most flexible ULV Aerosol Generator for versatile applications in plant protection, pest control and hygiene management. High-performance (cold) fog generator covering both the ULV and LV droplet spectrum. Individually adjustable output quantity between 1 - 73 l/h. Powerful solution pump to feed from any container.

• High area efficacy
• ULV and LV fogging and misting
• Adjustable aerosol nozzles
• 100% compatible for microorganisms
• Ideal for insecticides, fungicides
• Perfect for disinfection
• High penetration depht of up to 120 m*
• Time saving and cost reduction
• High user protection

Applies all liquid formulations including solutions from wettable powders and wettable granules. UNIPRO 40 is perfectly fit for fungizides and systemic agents due to maximal output quantity, it creates efficient LV droplet properties. Applies also effective microorganisms (EMs). Easy operation,
including interface for optional automatic operation mode, either by our original timer system or from any external source.

Compact design in its class. It fits though a standard door and is easy to manoeuver. Stainless steel chassies for value preservation combined with low or maintenance- free main components such as powerful direct driven blower and energy-efficient 3-phase frequency regulated motor at 16 Ampere (A) rated current only. Covers 360 to 500 V at 50/60Hz. Low current consumption of only 12 A (at 400 V) in operation .

Available upgrade options:
• 100 L HD-PE solution tank sufficient for up to 2 ha (20.000 m²)
• Oscillating and timer controlled agitator for the Igeba 100 L solution tank for a perfect mixture
• Telescopic mast retrofitting to transform the unit into a UNIPRO 40-T lifting up the aerosol spray heads up to 4,3 m height.



Optional features:

IGEBA Solution tank 100 l HD-PE

Example configuration: