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High-performance for plant protection and more


The Unipro 40-T is the high-performance ULV fogging machines among cold foggers and versatile in its fields of application. The spray nozzles of the Unipro 40-T can be lifted to a height of up to 4,30m with its adjustable telescopic mast. That enables the advanced treatment possibilities, e.g. in large scale greenhouse horticulture. The free space above the plants can now be used much better allowing the fog to spread further without any hindrance.

The compact construction of the Unipro 40-T enables easy operation and the problem-free transport even through standard door frames. The suction hose of the Unipro 40-T allows it to feed the active solution directly from any appropriate container. The integrated hose pump with pulsation damper pumps the active solution continuously to the spray nozzles. The output can be adjusted easily whereas an output of 42 l/h guarantees the ideal droplet spectrum of < 20 microns. The Unipro 40-T is also perfectly fit for fungicides and systemic agents due to its maximum output of 73 l/h. Even effective microorganisms can be used without a problem. Fogging concentrated plant protection products with the Unipro 40-T can reduce the amount of water significantly in comparison to conventional spraying. That also avoids high drain-off losses.

The Unipro 40-T can be operated automatically with its flexible control options. Two build-in interfaces allow optional connection of time controller or to any external dry contact. That enables the user, i.e. to fog during night-time as well. This results in a reduction of costs for personnel and the user is not exposed to the chemical products during the application.


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Benefits at a glance:

  • height adjustable telescopic mast up to 4,3m
  • Now possible to use airspace over the plants
  • Uniform distribution of active solution
  • Compatible with micro-organisms (EMs)
  • ULV und LV Modus
  • Solution feeding direct from your own container
  • High area capacity *
  • Effective  penetration depht up to appox. 120 m*
  • Ideal for insecticides, fungicides, Mico-organisms (EMs)
  • Perfect for disinfection
  • High operator safety
  • Automatic operation possible
  • Compact design, easy handling and maintenance
  • Optional acsessories available