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U 15 HD-M

Standard unit

"This insecticide application equipment has been found by the Vector Research Control Unit (University of Science Malaysia, USM) to comply with the requirements of the WHO Equipment for Vector Control specification guidelines WHO/YBC/89.972"

Model like U 15 HD-M, but with flow regulator 4-40 l/h infintely adjustable.

The U 15 HD-M has been developed in accordance with the WHO Specifications on Equipment for Vector Control (WHO/VBC/89.972). Mounted on a solid frame with 4 shock absorbers it is specially designed to be mounted on a vehicle. It features 2 aerosol nozzles which can be operated individually.

  • designed to be mounted on a vehicle
  • remote control system to operate the unit from the inside of the driver cabin
  • aerosol nozzles individually adjustable 360 °
  • equipped with a 60 L solution tank of stainless steel
  • excellent droplet spectrum with a VMD  <15 Micro meters (10l per nozzle/water)
L x W x H in cm87 x 79 x 91
Weight (empty) in kg166
Engine (4 cycles) PS/KW13 / 9,6
Fuel tank capacity in l6
Fuel consumption in l/h ca.2,5
Battery12 V DC, 36 Ah
Air compressor
Drive2 Belt drive
Discharge rate (m3/min.)3
Pressure (bar)0,3
Air filterStern-Papierfilter
Solution system
Nominal volume of solution tank (stainless steel) in l60
Number of nozzles2
Aerosol nozzles360° adjustable
Output in l/h20
Max. output in l/h30
Droplet sprectrum VMD, only water, 10 l. per nozzle< 15 Micrometer
Foging On / Off - Motor (Handstart)    Electric start for Motor, magnetic valve for fogging on/off
Remote control    5 mtr. cable