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TF W 60

Standard unit

Model with a 10 L solution tank of stainless steel. 

Model with a solution system in acid resistant execution. All parts in contact with the solution are made of stainless steel.

This portable fog generator was especially developed for plant protection applications in greenhouses and for disinfection in agriculture and excels by an efficient horizontal reach and flexible handling. Even when using pure water it shows excellent application results. In the acid resistant execution, it can also be used for acid based solutions.

  • Especially designed for the application of water-based solutions
  • Proven carburettor/resonator configuration like on the TF 95 HD
Dimensions in cm (LxWxH)138 x 38 x 34
Weight, empty in kg12,8
Solution tank capacity in l5,7 / 10
Fuel tank capacity in l2,5

Performance combustion chamber in KW/HP33 / 45
Fuel consumption l/h appox.3,6
Average flow rate in l/h (oil based)-
Max. flow rate in l/h (oil based)-
Flow rate with water in l/h30
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms with water and carrier60
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms with water30
Energy supply4 x 1,5V Monocells
Pressure in solutions tank in bar ca.0,3