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NEBOL is a carrier for water-based solutions that considerably improves the fogging quality of water. It is a special blend of long chain alcohols developed to amplify the performance of disinfectants or insecticides while applied by Thermal Fog Generators or ULV Aerosol Generators.

NEBOL stabilises the produced droplets over longer period and creates a narrower droplet spectrum (VMD). Mixing NEBOL with the active solution, ensures an even distribution of the droplets and extends the contact time with the pest and/or pathogenic agent.

All substances contained in NEBOL are environmentally safe and biodegradable.

Insecticidal efficacy of DETMOL-VAP (based on 248g/l Vapothrin and 52 g/l Pyrethrum extract 25%), applied with and without fog additive NEBOL using an IGEBA UNIPRO 5 Cold Fog Generator in 670 m³ test rooms, against adult male Oriental cockroaches (Blatta orientalis). The results show, the effectiveness of the water-based chemical is considerably increased by adding the fog enhancer NEBOL (Method: BioG B 104-03 (modified) Study: Mo4604)

Conditionsmean % of knock-down and / or mortality after 6 hrs, 24 hrs and 48 hrs (range of 4 positions / replicate
after 6 hrsafter 24 hrsafter 48 hrs
Without additive888888
With NEBOL (Fog additive)
Amount: 2010 ml of
dilluted (2,5 %) product
+200 ml NEBOL / 670 m³
Mean of 2 replicates ( range) with exposure time inside the treated room: 6 hrs temperature: 23-25 °C Rel. humidity: 35-40 %


NEBOL is a special blend of long-chain alcohols


NEBOL is used as a fog enhancer for Thermal Fogging and ULV Aerosol Generators

Safety data sheet: NEBOL

Composition:1,2 Polypropylenglykol and Glycerin (pharmaceutically pure)
Application:Fog enhancer for IGEBA Thermal fog generators and ULV aerosol generators
Concentration:up to 10% of water volume of the fogging solution
Technical specifications:Colour, form: clear, fluid
Odour: Neutral
Density: 1,14 Kg/L
pH-Value at 20° C:
Labelling I Safety:Designation of product not necessary
Durability I Shelf lifeStore cool and dry I 36 months
Packing size:25 ltr. canisters