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available in 3 different versions

Effective disinfection and pest control

Whether mobile or permanently installed, the new IGEBA CF1 allows an efficient and flexible problem solving. By means of air pressure, the unit generates a very fine and dry fog which disperses homogeneously and effectively covers all surfaces. The CF1 is ideal for indoor disinfection in a variety of fields such as quality assurance, warehousing or logistics.  It is excellent for air moistening/treatment as well as odour control and can also be applied for decontamination and vector control in industrial and public hygiene. Even temperature and pressure sensitive micro-organisms can be brought out effectively .

The CF1 modular system offers a large number of individual solutions and applications and allows the user to bundle his own package – be it as a stand-alone solution or integrated into an existing process chain. 

CF 1 - Advantages and applications

  •   Disinfection of indoor spaces and surfaces 
  •   Can be used for all types of disinfectant thanks to its acid-resistant solution line 
  •   Perfect for application of micro-organisms
  •   Air decontamination and moistening
  •   Stored product control and Vector control
  •   Optimised hygiene in food processing
  •   Solution can be aspirated from any bin nearby the spray nozzle, no overpressure in solution
      tank necessary  
  •   Multi-timer with interface for external control
  •   Low prime costs for customers who already own a compressor

The compressed-air fogger is available in 3 versions



The CF1 includes 1 dosage nozzle and a 5 l solution tank. The control with timer allows an automatic control.  The interface additionally offers an external control of the unit. 

The unit can easily be equipped with a second dosage nozzle. 

With asymetric Timer


The special feature of this model is the possibility to seperately adjust the fogging and standy mode. As the standard model, this unit is equipped with 1 dosage nozzle as well as a 5 l solution tank. No interface. 

A second nozzle can easily be added. 

CF-1P with dosage pump


The CF-1P is equipped with a special dosing pump allowing a step less output regulation between 0,002 and 2,0 l/h. It includes a suction line for any individual container.  The multi timer with interface for external control allows several control modes. 

A second dosage nozzle can optionally be added.

What do you need to operate the CF1 ?


1 Dosage nozzle

1 Solution tank

1 Control unit

Make packages

Buy as much of each item as required and make the installation yourself

Special executions

Tailor-made for specific applications

We will be glad to assist you for your individual solution

Write us an E-Mail or call under: Tel.: +49 (8375) 92 00 - 0

Dimensions, L x W x H in cm39 x 35 x 28
Weight in kg, Standard unit With 1 nozzle6
HD-PE Tank capacity in l5
Pressure regulator0-6 Bar
Air requirement at 3 bar operating pressure220l/min
Flow rate in l/h with 0,8 dosage nozzle


CF 1-P, steplessly in l/h

from 0,002 to 2
Electric power requierement< 50 W
For CF1-P< 70 W
Voltage230 V AC, 50 Hz 
Also available in 110V
1 stainless steel dosage nozzle(2nd available as an option)