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Thermal Fog Application – Efficiency to the last detail

The main fields of application are vector control, disinfection; stored product control, plant protection and potato sprout control.

Thermal fog generators create a dense fog both in and outdoors. With the right active ingredient, it successfully destroys flying and crawling insects as well as germs and bacteria.

All IGEBA Fog Generators consist of a carburettor, a mixer tube, a combustion chamber and a resonator. A pulsating gas stream is created through burning of a fuel-air mixture. The solution is inserted into the pulsating hot gas stream at the open end of the resonator developing a dense fog.

In suitable weather conditions, the thermal fog shows effects in a very short time. When used indoors, it completely fills a space reaching even small cracks and corners. The application quantity is very low but does not influence the high efficiency of the used solution. IGEBA Thermal Fog Generators can be used both with oil and water based solutions.

  • Droplet spectrum with oil based solutions (e.g. Diesel, kerosene)
    < 20 micrometres (VMD)
  • Droplet spectrum with water based solutions
    > 20 micrometres (VMD)

Thermal fog - your advantages at a glance:

  • Excellent distribution at low output, e.g. Mosquito treatment: only 5-8 l/ha
  • Fogging of water or oil based solutions without solution waste  
  • Quick and effective application method
  • Less time-consuming than conventional spraying
  • High efficiency - reaching also normally inaccessible areas
  • Fog reaches even smallest cracks and crevasses
  • Special technique for water based solutions
  • High penetration depth, in disinfection up to 150 m 
  • Suitable for acid based disinfectants