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The ULV or cold fog application – small droplets with high effect

The main fields of application are vector control, disinfection and stored products - and plant protection. The main goal of the ULV Cold fog application (= Ultra low volume) is to keep the application rate as low as possible in order to save treatment time and costs. As an example, in mosquito control outdoors the output amounts to 0,5 - 1,5 l/ha only.

The chemical preparation is conducted to the spray heads where a powerful blast of air from the blower breaks up the chemical substance into minute droplets. Millions of smallest droplets evenly spread in the closed space and ensure a quick and efficient absorption of the chemical by the pest or organism.

Compared to conventional spraying, this allows a more homogeneous distribution of the active ingredient even into small cracks. This shortens the treatment time and reduces the quantity of active agent applied, thereby achieving the highest standards of efficiency and optimum coverage of the target area.

Compared to conventional sprayers with an average droplet size of approx. 600 micrometres, ULV Aerosol generators generate smallest droplet sizes.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Optimal droplet size < 20 micrometres (VMD) confirmed by laser measurement
  • Very high ground coverage
  • Little or no carrier necessary
  • Excellent distribution
  • High penetration depth
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Available electric or engine driven
  • Adjustable spray heads 360°
  • mixer for solution tank available on several models (particularly important when using
  • wettable powders or BTI)
  • Complete control for automatic operation (electrical driven unit)
  • Stand-alone solutions e.g. for treatment of Greenhouses and stocks
  • Units with remote control for mounting on a pick up

What we offer you?

From the small NEBULO for indoor use, to the U 40 HD-M for large outdoor treatments; our product range offers a solution for every type of application.