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Effective fly control

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ULV - space treatment

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Hygiene in Livestock

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Successfull vector control begins with IGEBA Fog generators. The efficient fogging achieves excellent results against flying and crawling insects. IGEBA Fog generators are a safe and sustainable solution for  various fields of applications. 

Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites and Fungus are always present, both where humans or animals coexist in small spaces as well as in the food industry. The disinfection with IGEBA Fog generators and ULV Aerosol Generators is a key element of successful hygiene management.

Contemporary plant protection requires an efficient and easy tecnique for optimal vector control. Through fogging of a high concentrated plant protection product in green houses you dont only reduce the treatment time and  total quantity of active agent applied, but you also achieve a quick result.

The protection of stored products starts with the storage itself. IGEBA Fog Generators are tailored for the specific requirements in vector control and disinfection of storage areas. Food and beverage products as well as raw materials or e.j. tobacco are subject to stringent quality controls. The efficient output of insecticide, fungicide and/or disinfection solutions offers a allround protection of the stored products.  

Odour control is an effective solution to improve the quality of work and life in a lot of different areas. Based on a chemical reaction, the odour is neutralised, considerably improving the surrounding environment.

New for TF-35 - Bent Fog Tube attachment for easy sewege treatment. Watch the video below or cklick here for all accessories and details on how easy you can work with.

NEW - IGEBA Unipro 40-T


Top-class performance

  • Freely adjustable up to 4,3m above ground
  • Time saving
  • High Performance
  • Cost reduction
  • High user protection
  • Uniform distribution of plant protection product
  • Adjustable ULV and LV mode
  • Works with effective microorganisms
  • Automatic use possible