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Ensuring quality

The protection of stored products starts with the storage itself. IGEBA Fog Generators are tailored for the specific requirements in vector control and disinfection of storage areas. Food and beverage products as well as raw materials or e.g. tobaccos are subject to stringent quality controls. The efficient output of insecticide, fungicide and/or disinfection solutions offers an all-round protection of the stored products.

Once stored products are infested by vermin or fragments or excretions are found, whole sections have to be destroyed or their exploitation involves high financial loss. Undetected infestation in finished goods implies rejection, recourse receivable, loss of clients and damage to its image.

Preventing damage on time

Treatment with IGEBA fog generators is very effective for prevention in case of pest infestation. It ensures an effective and even distribution of the solution in the target area. Specially the IGEBA cold fog generators are very user friendly and offer extensive user protection. With the use of timers, the IGEBA ULV aerosol generators can be used as a stand-alone solution.