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Securing the quality

The demand of the processing industry for potatoes with a constant quality is continuously increasing; the requirements for their storage are very high. The selling price and their use for the processing industry as well as for the end consumer depends on the quality of the product. IGEBA Fog generators enable you to meet these requirements through optimal sprout control - over the entire storage period to the new harvest.

Optimal storage, effective sprout control

After the harvest, the potatoes have natural sprout dormancy. In this period, no germinating arises. The time of dormancy depends on the sort and is subject to environmental influences. The natural sprout dormancy is followed by constrain dormancy. During storage, it is important that natural dormancy phase is extended as long as possible. Additionally conditions have to be set, which prevent sprouting.

For a good storage of industrial potatoes, it is important to coordinate the following aspects:

  • Storage temperature (between 4 and 7 °C)
  • Chemical sprout control

IGEBA Thermal Fog Generators are the ideal solution for chemical sprout control. They create very fine droplets. These are spread into the storage area through the air ventilation system. The gas phase created when fogging CIPC-Chlorpropham, ensures an even distribution of the chemical inhibitor in the complete potato stock.