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Odour control

The constant expansion of the urban agglomerations past the original city limits can lead to considerable odour pollution through existing industrial areas. Odour control has become an effective solution to improve the quality of work and life in many different areas:

  • Waste incineration and composting plants: Sewage sludge, garden debris, household waste…
  • Waste-water plants: sewage treatment plants, waste water plants, Behandlungsteiche...
  • Industry: Papermills , animal carcase disposal plant, Petrochemical industry, Food industry...

Odour neutralisation is not based on covering the smell but on it´s neutralisation. Based on a chemical reaction, the smell-causing substances connect themselves with molecules and create new, odourless combinations completely inactive regarding their smell and toxicity.

There are 3 main forms of treatment:

  1. Air treatment (Aerosol fogging)
  2. Treatment through spraying (spraying directly on the waste)
  3. Integrated treatment (for waste water)

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