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Optimal hygiene for a sensitive environment

Germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi exist both where people as well as animals coexist on restricted space and in the food production. Disinfection with IGEBA Thermal fog generators and ULV Aerosol generators are a key element to a successful hygiene management. The highly concentrated fogging of disinfection solutions ensures an even distribution of the solution on all surfaces reaching even smallest cracks and corners.

The disinfection solution stays airborne for a long time allowing and effective ambient air disinfection. The low water consumption per volume wets the surfaces inhibiting to drain off; the solution can properly take effect.


In animal stables, diseases are mainly caused by various types of microorganisms, such as viruses, moulds, bacteria and parasites. In an unfavourable environment, even otherwise innocuous germs can considerably increase and lead to so-called "factitive diseases".

To secure productivity, it is indispensable to avoid an increase of the number of germs by methodical stable hygiene. To achieve this, the applied hygiene management must be specific to the species. Besides thorough cleaning and careful disinfection, the aim should be to keep the bacterial pressure low for as long as possible.

Public transport, restaurants, industrial kitchens, hospitals – wherever you find large public gatherings or respectively a critical hygiene environment there will be a clash of different germs.

These can be transmitted in different ways, i.e. droplet /contact infection. Generally, this does not represent a special risk for healthy people. However if health is already weakened due to other influences or if older persons and/or children are concerned, even an harmless infection can cause severe health impairments. Heavy infections can spread extremely fast. Epidemics and pandemics are the consequence.

Pathogenic agents spread by contact of infected persons and/or contaminated surfaces (contact infection) can usually be controlled by thorough disinfection of the hands and surfaces. Those spread over the air (droplet infection) or particularly in sensitive areas, i.e. surgery need large-scale treatment.

Where normal wipe disinfection is not enough, especial Hygiene Management including space and surface disinfection is necessary to avoid the creation of resistances.

In the food and processing industry, at butchers, bakeries as well as at food wholesalers and retailers and the hotel and restaurant trade – the demands for the product quality, its durability and microbiological safety are constantly increasing. Professional hygiene management including a meticulous and expert cleaning and disinfection are an absolute prerequisite.

As a portable or a stationary Fog generator – the technical characteristics of the IGEBA Thermal Fog and Cold fog generators are the perfect solution for disinfection and vector control. An even distribution of the disinfection solution and a constant working speed and output allow an efficient distribution of the droplets in the air. This ensures both a disinfection of all surfaces, instruments and the ambient air.

With disinfection solutions specific to the food industry it is even possible to effectively treat cold rooms. The main emphasis being that the applied solution is not harmful to human health and that it will not compromise the hygienic quality of the food. It is generally advised to read the application and concentration guidelines provided by the supplier of products.